Make a FIBARO BUTTON work locally?

How to make a FIBARO BUTTON to work locally ? Zwave Button default DTH works fine but on the cloud, I do not would like try the Fibaro DTH published in the forum if it does not make it locally, but I do not know if this DTH makes it as local or as cloud device. Any alternatives ?


Make an Edge driver

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Did you look to see if the stock DTH allows you to set associations? If it does, the zwave direct associations will run locally even if the DTH doesn’t.

What exactly did you want to have happen when the button is pressed? :thinking:

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Thanks brother, I think this is out of my tech limits … :pensive:

Thanks my friend !..I try it with the Zwave Tweaker, but Im a little (or a lot) ignorant about it, I did not how to set the correct command for chime the siren. I would love to make an Aeotec Siren 6 chimes (not alarm siren) if the Fibaro Button pressed (the project is take the Fibaro button as a “Dogs door bell button”, It is next to the door inside, and we are training the dogs to teach them they push the button anytime they want to go out to make their biological needs in the garden in order to someone of us open them the door. But something is not help is the lag between the push and the chime sound with Smartthing automation, the dogs have to associate push-sound, but takes about 2-4 seconds, I had checked in IDE that button first is ZWave connected to the siren, then to the Hub, I think all this stuff + cloud execution causes the lag.
My bet is if I can make it work locally or ZWave associated chime will be triggered almost instantly. Thanks a lot for your kindly guide brother.