Major problem with ide today

I am having a major problem with ide… I am doing development /tweaks on a device type.
I choose save and then publish… No problem… If I go back to device types and re-choose the device the changes are not being saved…

Only way to make changes and test currently is really a pain… I have to create a whole new device type and change what the device points to everytime I want to try a change…

Please fix. I will also open a ticket

@Lgkahn Do you chance have SmartTiles open? I was having issues yesterday because I had it open.

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I had this problem the other day too tbh - I had to do the same thing. I just thought that was resolved.

Hi, I still have this issue, some apps launch to a error when a replace is executed " java.lang.SecurityException: Invoking methods on class groovy.lang.GString$3 is not allowed", and some times works fine