Major MAJOR BUG in honeywell thermostat device BEWARE

So got up this morning and the downstairs thermostat would not go above 62 and all our schedules were changed… This is the fancy prestige therm with sensors in the ducts, outdoor sensor, leaks , steam humidifier control etc.

Anyway after much hair pulling and printing out a 160 page manual, figured out that the max heat was reset to 62. You need to enter an installer code to even get in that menu.

Then thought are all the settings getting corrupted , but no everything else was ok.

So I went in the logs and you can see any human interaction… There was a change of this setting last Thursday at 5:09 am. I thought what the hell someone hacking into our therm.

Then remembered I had set the mich house (other location) higher that time int he morn through the smartthings interface. But I accidentally set our house first (We have two locations).

Anyway IT ACTUALLY changed the WRONG setting not the temp but the max temp… see the two attachments. This is a major BUG… ANy would really F*** up many people…

What Honeywell thermostat are you referring to? Lyric?

No prestige iaq

Wait so the bug is that you didn’t realize you were updating the wrong device? Also two locations you are always best using two accounts so you don’t make this mistake. I’ve figured this out the hard way as well.

No, i think he is saying he tried to change the heating set point, did so by accident on the wrong panel, but it actually over rode a installer only setting called maximum heating set point.

I agree with Major’s post up above… After re-reading your initial post several times, it’s still not clear to me what you think happened, in terms of sequence-of-events.

I self-installed a Prestige 2.0 system in my house, and it’s integrated with both ST and Google Home (the Google Home integration is done independently of ST)… I’ve never had a problem with a basic heating/cooling command relayed via ST or GH messing around with max/min setpoints.

Exactly what happened

Do you use the same log in for both of the hubs or do they have their own separate accounts?

I’m a little confused. Have you contacted support yet?

This was a Prestige IAQ? Are you using the official integration? The official integration supports the Honeywell Total Comfort Connect devices, series 6000, 8000, and 9000. The Prestige IAQ system doesn’t seem to be any of those, but the thermostat looks pretty similar to the 9000 TCC series.

Don’t know what you are talking about the log I posted was an individual devices log which has nothing to do with thw location.

Yea using official integration. Others .nO longer work.

You said you have two locations. I assumed that meant you had two hubs. I asked if you were using the same main log in for both hubs meaning did you set up the hubs with the same exact email address.

Yes I did and do but that has nothing to do with the log I posted. What are you getting at… I posted the log from the device that ffd up. The logs in the aapp showing device history is independant of location.

I was asking because I recently had an issue with my two hubs overlapping and a bug that was discovered and was going to explain but you are coming off a bit snarky so never mind.

Thanks … that may indeed be a bug but again unrelated… no matter which or even if the wring hub got th signall it should never set an installer only parameter.