Major Instability Today

SHM on my system has become seriously unstable to the point of not being useful. I don’t blame SHM per-se as there have been issues with contact sensors falsely reporting being open, or fobs dropping off while people are home causing SHM to trigger. The last incident SHM said it disabled only to retrigger again.

I have three tickets open related to the various causes and have not received any reply.


Not cool.

Even worse today. 4 false alarms, three of which caused by multipurpose sensors flaking out and reporting as open.

System is as unstable as I’ve ever is non existent.

Still having almost daily false alarms due to multipurpose sensors spontaneously reporting open when they are closed. The system has been rock solid outside of this issue. But the false alarms are annoying the family and undermining the faith everyone has in the system.

The instability continues… At 10:33am EDT all basement lights turned on while nobody was home. It appears, based on the devices turned on, that the routine for basement lights ran without being commanded to. History shows nothing. This is becoming highly disturbing.

I’m wondering if this one could have been caused by a power bump. It’s never happened before but I am unable to locate any other causal relation. Anyone else ever run into this?

Faulty sensor? Will you be able to exclude that sensor temporary and see how things move?

If you reply to the SHM ticket, it will reopen and support can take a look.