Maintenance woes (again)

Every time they do the maintenance my timed triggers stop for all of the devices that I have programmed. The only way to get it working is to delete it all and redo it all again. This is the 2nd time I’ve had to do this after the last 2 maintenance cycles. This is starting to get tiring, please do something about saving and restoring the settings.


Did you try contacting support? This seems odd and I don’t think should happen.

Which hub do you have?

No I did not contact support since the last time I contacted them for a similar issue they asked me to redo the timed triggers.
Currently using Hub V1.

Odd… I haven’t seen this before myself FWIW, but that doesn’t mean that much of course.

Have you “redone” all the triggers yet? If not, here’s what I’d do first:

1.) Reboot the Hub. I’ve had success doing this at times when stuff like SmartApps aren’t responding well. It might have just been a coincidence, but it seemed to help.
2.) If rebooting doesn’t do anything, open one of the SmartApps with the timing triggers, change something minor (like change it from 6:00AM to 5:59AM) and tap done. I think that’ll reinstall the app without having to delete and then fully rebuild.

Also, opening the app and hitting “done” should re-initialize the triggers as well.

One should not have to know this secret sauce.


Slagle, I appreciate that you are trying to help but you do realize that Users should not have to go in an re-setup things after every maintenance cycle. I can certainly understand if this were a noname company making a product for tinkerers but you are Samsung and making a mainstream product.
I’m hoping you will have this issue resolved prior to the next maintenance cycle.


I’m also having the same issue and my app is telling me that my hub is offline but I can still control my devices.

Guess a ticket to support is in order while I deal with the terribly laggy system.

I’m seeing a lot of performance issues today as well as routines not firing again. To add to that all my light keep coming on for the SHM intrusion alerts. Funny thing is that the system is disarmed and the siren never goes off.
Things were seeming better the last couple days but I guess we’re back to the status quo.

I have logged a ticket with Support, but they haven’t responded to any of my requests in at least a month. Talk about a backlog :smile:

Since the update this weekend “sunrise” and “sunset” are not firing. Before the update they worked perfectly. I have a ticket in so it is a wait and see.

I’m seeing both probs. Sunset event not firing and app reporting the hub is offline even though the hub itself shows a green light.

I thought it was just me. We had lights left on while we were on vacation and none of the routines seemed to fire off.