Mains Powered 120V Scene Controller

Okay so I know there are multiple threads for these devices but they’re kinda old. I was hoping maybe someone came across newer devices recently. So here’s what I am looking for:

Mains powered, 120V scene controller
No tinkering (creating DH, SmartApps etc…). i need it to work out of the box.
Click a button on the scene controller and it sets my lights to a certain color and brightness through smartthings. Seems like such an essential device but most require batteries or are usb powered or you need to create device handlers and always bugs out.

Here is a comment on what i’ve tried so far from an older thread

So if you guys have any suggestions on something that came out recently pleeease let me know!

Nothing that meets the requirements that you’ve stated, particularly the “works out of the box, no smartapps, no custom DTH” pretty much kills it.

SmartThings has never handled multiendpoint devices really well without custom code. :disappointed_relieved:

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ah damn it :frowning: I guess i gotta get to the bottom of why my VRCS4 is being so buggy.

Kinda unrelated but for anyone in the future who may be facing problems with the VRCS4 M0Z, i am currently looking at this thread to see if people are facing similar problems.

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SmartThings did announce their own number keypad in January, but no timeline for actual release yet.

It’s possible you might be able to code different scenes to different numbers, but we just don’t know yet. :thinking:

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There is a “Eaton 5-Scene Keypad” that SmartThings added support for in 2018. The Eaton device is a 120v device.

I have no idea how well it works. The ST driver they wrote creates a bunch of child devices representing each button as a switch.

( I may have one in a box somewhere, but I am pretty sure I have never joined one to a ST network ).

Eaton is the company, Cooper is the division, and aspire is the model line. Retailers may list it under any of those three names. Most people in the community refer to it as “ Cooper“ and that’s where you will find the threads about it.

Thanks for the link to the device type handler for it. (Given below) there has been an issue with these recently and support has said it is not a standard device, but that happens sometimes.

See the Last dozen or so posts in the following for recent discussion:

Cooper Aspire Scene Controller RFWC5 and RFWC5D Device Handler [beta release]

You can find the driver here:

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If you take a look through the Z-wave products database or look on Amazon, you will see that Eaton is pushing its own brand at this point ( yes, there all these other names that are from acquisitions, but their branding is Eaton).
Eaton has also been pushing their own Z-wave hub for a while now. The hub is not much, the last time I saw one it looked like a warmed over stock z-wave gateway.

Right, as I said, Eaton is the company. That doesn’t change the fact that most of the threads in the forum are under “Cooper.” Including the most recent discussions of that specific device. :sunglasses:

I was mainly replying about how there is a supported device, at least as far as SmartThings publishing it.
If someone is looking for a scene like controller, this is I believe the only 120v one that SmartThings supports. There are a lot of people who purchase the Leviton Vizia controllers and spend countless hours trying to make the things work reliably. ( Which, I don’t believe will ever be full possible, there is some firmware bugs that will cause them to hang overtime ).

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