Main Smartthings hub with Plume has failed

On Saturday, May 5th at 11:30 am cst we lost internet connection. I went to look at my main hub and the hub was flashing red and green on its own. I unplugged the hub and plugged it back in and it went back to flashing red and green. I was able to set the hub up as a new hub and then I started adding my other hubs to it as sub hubs. When I added the last hub successfully, the main hub went back to flashing red and green again.

In working with Smartthings Level 1 support we deleted the bad hub in the IDE and it is showing up as inactive now. I took one of my other hubs and powered it up and held the reset button for 10 seconds. I was able to set that hub up as my main hub. I now have an active hub (the one I took from another room) with internet, but no devices attached to it. The other hub (which is bad and is sitting on the counter with no power to it) shows up as an inactive with all my devices connected to it, which do not work. I am not able to add any sub hubs to the active hub either.

On the new Smartthings app on my iPhone, under devices I am seeing one hub as “connected” (office) and a bunch of devices all with the same name. Then I am showing another hub which says “online” the new hub and no other devices associated with it.

Is there a backup/restore or a move function to get the device information to the new working hub?

Why are the other hubs that were sub hubs to my bad (original) hub not adding to the new main hub?

I short, HELP!!