Maibox Lock

I now have keypad locks on all our doors and all of our vehicles have keyless entry and ignition. So, the only physical key I have left is the key to my locking mailbox, similar to the one below.


I would like to replace the keyed lock with a combination lock or possibly a Bluetooth lock and not have to carry any keys. Any suggestions?

How does the letter carrier put the mail in?

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There is a door/slot that opens at the top front with a panel inside that simultaneously blocks access the rest of the interior. When the door closes, the mail drops down to the bottom of the interior.

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Is it a camlock? The following isn’t smart, but it’s very popular for mailboxes and works just fine. It’s a combination lock, so you don’t have to carry a key:


Yes, it is a camlock. I’ll check this one out. Thanks.

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