Magic Home WiFi LED Control

Btw, these are all of the Magic Home devices available.
Zengge is the main manufactor.

I personally own 12 of the ZJ-MWIR-RGBW controllers (Mini RGBW IR).

They work if I set the device to RGB. But in that way I’m not able to adjust warm white correctly and Alexa doesn’t recognize the device as RGBW, just as RGB, so no voice commands for the white channels.

Do you think you could take a look at the controller to make it work correctly?

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Did you try RGB+WW? That has better compatibility for some device types.

Alternatively, if you have an Android device (may require root) that you can load a packet capture app onto and collect what Magic Home sends when you adjust the white channel I can update the device handler. Otherwise I would need one of the devices to figure out how to enable that behavior.

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RGB+WW doesn’t work.
You might want to take a look at this project.

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Cool find in that project, one of the best documented sets of source code I’ve seen for these protocols; however, I don’t see anything different than what I am doing already. I have support for all the same protocols as it has listed.

How are you trying to change the white level? Please try directly in the SmartThings Classic app on this Device. Below the colors and animations there are sliders for each white level (just above the aborted User1-3 settings). Please verify if moving those sliders in various Controller Styles changes the whites as I suspect they will.

I would love if you could get this working, I have triedwhat you mentioned on the classic app.
The white level or other level bar above the user1-3 settings don’t have any affect on it.

I’m not sure how in anyway I can help (I’m using IOS) if there was any way to get this working

Honestly (and I’m biased…) the best way to get these working is to use a Hubitat hub with a hub link set up. No need to flash, and then you can still use both the SmartThings app and the MagicHome app.

Thanks for the reply @adamkempenich

I’ll do some research around Hubitat, might have to move to that platform.

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I have a problem with the app, I think it is messing up either the lights or the remote. The colors are working just fine, but the flash, strobe, and fade functions on the remote are not working. When I press the flash button, the lights will turn red and stay that color. When I press the strobe button, it will flash once, and not work after that. Any solutions as to why this is happening?

Hey guys,

Got this working, but its really really slow, like 5-10 seconds to change a light state. I have it running on the same server that does HA bridge and to compare it turns on my Yamaha amp within a second. So I don’t think its a VM resource issue (Ubuntu VM running on HyperV)

Also, what are people doing to run the servers in the background? I’m running ubuntu

Thanks all :slight_smile:


Does this work with Ubuntu as well?

Hey all,

ANyone wondering how to get this to run as a service just follow this guide.


Hey. I appreciate the help you have given me in the past and I was just checking to see if you could help me figure out somethings to look at to determine why my strip lights have stopped working with this integration. I can speak to them (simple on and off using the “packet sender” program that you showed me how to use last time. Can you help me figure out what are some things I should look for to get them working again. Even better, could we possibly get together through teamviewer or something for a few minutes that way you can see how everything is set up on my end? Thank you for any help you can provide!


Hi, the most common cause is that one of your devices has changed IP Addresses, and the second is that the TCPTunnel Program is no longer running. Additionally, I do not know how migrating to the new SmartThings app affects this integration at this time as I am afraid to do it. If you have already migrated I do not know where to begin on how to diagnose that system.

I’m a big dummy. It was the IP address of my PC. Also, I was going to let you know that I migrated a few weeks back and everything works great- custom dth’s and all. Thank you again for making these RGBW strips work for me a while back. I am still very happy with your solution!!

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I just installed this HUB for a friend, has this been tested in the new ST app?

I know I am late to this post and new to Smart Home programming and such… but I am looking for a way to integrate my Magic Home Pro led lights to the new Smart Things app. Can the above code create a device handler?
I basically would like to be able to see these lights in Webcore.

If there’s a way, I sure haven’t found it. I ended up replacing my 25 magic home modules so I could get strips that I could webcore. I noticed delays in motion detection triggering with them too and it’s because I had to use Alexa to fill the gaps and it takes more time to send it through the internet tubes.

I want to find a way to activate the mic mode so I thought I’d follow your advice so I installed a packet capture app on my android. I started the app, run the packet capture, then went to magichome and went to activate the mic mode. I see it captured 2 packets. What do I do with them now?

I’m not sure what you would do with it from there… You can make the commands into buttons in the device panel, but then you don’t have a microphone to have it react to. This needs to be done manually from the Magic Home App, unfortunately. Since I have the TCPTunnel running on a Raspberry Pi these days I considered adding a mic to it and writing a script to enable what you are perhaps looking for; however, I didn’t feel it was worth the time for just my use case at this time.

Thanks for the prompt reply! So far I was able to add the magic home wifi led controller to smartthings with using man in the middle or ifft. I can also create scenes without a proble. Now I want to be able to not only change the color or dim the leds, but activate mic or music mode. Not to be redundant, just reiterating for sake of clarity of the build up to the result I desire.

I would use the mic on my phone or my tablet. You mentioned creating a button on the device panel - which device panel? Smartthings or ? Is there a video on how to do this?

Thanks again!