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Magic Home WiFi LED Control

(Andre) #121

Thanks, ph4r. I think you’re right about the firewall. I believe my router has something to do with it and I’ll keep digging.


(Andre) #122

Actually, you were right about the wrong IP address in starting the tunnel. I understood the “remote host” to be the machine where the server runs on, when in fact it’s the hardware connected to the light strip. So, all working now! Thanks again.

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(Pat D) #123

Just a big thank you to ph4r for diagnosing some issues I was having for a controller that uses a different protocol (the LW12 protocol). Nice enough to make both diagnose and change the device handler. I expect we’ll see the changes in the production DH soon too!

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(Ph4r) #124

I updated the version in the repository today to now include support for Controller Style RGB-LW12.


(Ph4r) #125

More clear info for any of you running this on a Raspberry Pi, here is what I added to my /etc/rc.local script to automatically startup two instances of the tcptunnel which I want to stay running forever in the background:

cd /home/pi/tcptunnel
./tcptunnel --local-port=5577 --remote-port=5577 --remote-host= --log --fork&
./tcptunnel --local-port=5578 --remote-port=5577 --remote-host= --log --fork&

If you need to see the logging output once you get it all working, you can issue the command:

sudo cat /dev/vcs1

Here is a screenshot to hopefully help you visualize what I am saying


(Babbahotep) #126

Hi, just got the magic home striplight. Not happy having a Chinese app in my network. Reading through this while great work is also not optimal.

Is there a better controller for these that works with SmartThings?


(Ph4r) #127

If I find free time, I think I will look at creating a webapp that can handle bi-directional communication, but no promises. Until then, this is the only solution I am aware of for these controllers.

If you are looking for a better controller, I would suggest either the Fibaro RGBW Z-Wave or the H801 RGB Controllers which can be hacked to run a custom firmware (with lots of effort). I don’t own or have experience with either of these, just sharing what I know exists to try and help you.


(Keith Croshaw) #128

For anybody on the fence about switching to Hubitat, a smart dude is making a pretty great driver that doesn’t require another server to control MagicHome.

Not to disparage the great work by @ph4r but over on Hubitat there’s a specific lack of a restriction that makes this possible, where SmartThings blocks it.

It’s still in Beta but it works pretty darn well.

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(Babbahotep) #129

would the magic home strip work with the Sylvana strip controller?

connectors look identical.



@ph4r - many thanks for all your work on this. Took me about 20 mins to get it all up and running using a Pi as the middle-man.

Works a treat :slight_smile:

Next project is to now add a ‘hard’ mood button so the kids and others don’t need to access actiontiles for the control.

Cheers again.

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(Ph4r) #131

There are many solutions available, but I use Alexa primarily, and I do have an Aeon Labs Minimote as well.



True. However I have noticed when setting up a scene the reaction to the colour command is largely ignored when sent as a scene from Smartthings!


(Mafyata) #133

I am looking for original firmware for magic home controller . Mine is rgb with 24 ir remote controller zj wfmn-a v1.1. Last version was 33.v6