Magic Home WiFi LED Control

Thanks, ph4r. I think you’re right about the firewall. I believe my router has something to do with it and I’ll keep digging.

Actually, you were right about the wrong IP address in starting the tunnel. I understood the “remote host” to be the machine where the server runs on, when in fact it’s the hardware connected to the light strip. So, all working now! Thanks again.

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Just a big thank you to ph4r for diagnosing some issues I was having for a controller that uses a different protocol (the LW12 protocol). Nice enough to make both diagnose and change the device handler. I expect we’ll see the changes in the production DH soon too!

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I updated the version in the repository today to now include support for Controller Style RGB-LW12.

More clear info for any of you running this on a Raspberry Pi, here is what I added to my /etc/rc.local script to automatically startup two instances of the tcptunnel which I want to stay running forever in the background:

cd /home/pi/tcptunnel
./tcptunnel --local-port=5577 --remote-port=5577 --remote-host= --log --fork&
./tcptunnel --local-port=5578 --remote-port=5577 --remote-host= --log --fork&

If you need to see the logging output once you get it all working, you can issue the command:

sudo cat /dev/vcs1

Here is a screenshot to hopefully help you visualize what I am saying

Hi, just got the magic home striplight. Not happy having a Chinese app in my network. Reading through this while great work is also not optimal.

Is there a better controller for these that works with SmartThings?

If I find free time, I think I will look at creating a webapp that can handle bi-directional communication, but no promises. Until then, this is the only solution I am aware of for these controllers.

If you are looking for a better controller, I would suggest either the Fibaro RGBW Z-Wave or the H801 RGB Controllers which can be hacked to run a custom firmware (with lots of effort). I don’t own or have experience with either of these, just sharing what I know exists to try and help you.

For anybody on the fence about switching to Hubitat, a smart dude is making a pretty great driver that doesn’t require another server to control MagicHome.

Not to disparage the great work by @ph4r but over on Hubitat there’s a specific lack of a restriction that makes this possible, where SmartThings blocks it.

It’s still in Beta but it works pretty darn well.


would the magic home strip work with the Sylvana strip controller?

connectors look identical.

@ph4r - many thanks for all your work on this. Took me about 20 mins to get it all up and running using a Pi as the middle-man.

Works a treat :slight_smile:

Next project is to now add a ‘hard’ mood button so the kids and others don’t need to access actiontiles for the control.

Cheers again.

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There are many solutions available, but I use Alexa primarily, and I do have an Aeon Labs Minimote as well.

True. However I have noticed when setting up a scene the reaction to the colour command is largely ignored when sent as a scene from Smartthings!

I am looking for original firmware for magic home controller . Mine is rgb with 24 ir remote controller zj wfmn-a v1.1. Last version was 33.v6

Is there any near future plans to implement Magic Home Wifi Led Controller App on a Chromebook?

What I am looking for is the “Ok Google” interface — so I don’t have to carry my mobile device.

What is the possibility of this happening?

This Device Handler is a community developed solution and is not related to a manufacturer. However, if you were to implement this on your SmartThings and also connect SmartThings to Google Assistant, you should be able to control your light with “OK, Google” commands as I am able to do with Alexa. I do not have any Google Home devices to test it with.


Works great on Hubitat. Another hit to Smartthings is even with 2 way communication between Hubitat and Smartthings, Magichome devices can’t be controlled. All other devices are working great. This on top of Arlo integration fiasco is making the move off ST Hub a very likely next step.

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This post is going to make me buy a hubitat for this purpose alone. I’m desperate for a working solution running 20+ Magic Home devices. They recently updated the app to include scenes that you can actually use and pass thru but I want to be able to incorporate them into more dynamic routines. I cringe thinking about spending yet another $100 bucks on yet another hub but it looks like I’ll finally have an end all solution after almost 3 years.

I felt the same way regarding Hubitat and buying another hub. Even worse is that it looked like it was the fix all for me. But has now been reduced to a backup hub. I added yet another “hub” running Home Assistant on a raspberry pi 3+ integrated with Smartthings. This allowed me to keep all my z-wave & zigbee devices on Smartthings. Then all 36 Magichome devices running on Home Assistant. My Blink, Ring and Arlo cameras are also attached to Home Assistant which then pushes all these devices to Apple Homekit, Alexa and Google. It sounds like a lot but I only have to use the Home Assistant or Homekit app and Alexa for voice control and my entire home runs like I wanted it to run after 3 years fighting with different devices on Smartthings. I even have my Samsung Family hub & Flex Duo oven working with Apple Homekit. Hubitat has finally added an app for their hub & if you are wanting to just move off ST completely go with the Hubitat. (warning z wave & zigbee radios are underpowered & may need repeaters, which forced me back to ST) The raspberry Pi 3+ runs about $50 bucks.

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This actually helped me. Right before I moved, I started playing with HA on a Rasberry Pi 3 also for the purpose of curing my Magic Home woes. I discovered all the devices and could control them but I didn’t take it much further because I found out I was moving and the new house came with a ST gen 3. Then I found out about webCoRE and fell down a rabbit hole for a few weeks and learned a bunch, there.

Here we are a few weeks later and and the gen 3 is here and I just found out there’s no way to easily migrate from gen 2 to gen 3. The house is pretty big with three access points so Hubitat might not be for me, but I’m very interested to know what you’ve got going on in HA with Magic Home.

I’ve learned at least 6 times over that my smart home will never all be in one platform (no matter how many times I try to make it so) but I can live with that if I can just find an acceptable way to control all the Magic Home lights. I guess I’ll start playing with HA again tomorrow if I can remember where I put the pi in the move :grin:

What is the response time I should be seeing? Its taking around 6 seconds before the strip changes based on my control in the classic app

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