Made a Water Leak Sensor

The rubber non-skid drawer lining with holes in it sounds ready made for it.

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I’ve made a couple. Except, instead of wires, I used Copper Foil

The mats a large enough to cover the entire floor area underneath my washer/dryer.

What did you stick the foil to?

pics please :slight_smile: eventually I was going to make one with cloth covered wire, but this might be better

The white stuff is PVC basement wall panels from HD. Distance between strips is 3/4" - determined by sensitivity of the Water/Leak sensor that I use (Lowes Utilitech). 2-pin connectors are from Amazon.

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Nice, thank you for posting the picture! Do you have to solder each copper foil connection, or does the adhesive conduct?

Those are lovely!

Adhesive does conduct but I touched all joints with the soldering iron anyway - if adhesive starts deteriorating, the ends will give first…

Now, to make this thing really elegant, I’d need to find some type of non-conductive mesh to use it as the top layer. With the strips exposed, the usage of the things is somewhat limited.

Excellent idea! Thanks!
Just ordered 20" widths from Amazon (I hope you don’t own Target stock :slight_smile: ).
Also bought some -
we’ll see who wins.

great idea. If you turn up the sides of the white pvc panels, you can make a water catch tray for the bottom of the sink cabinet. Can you provide a link to the HD pvc basement wall panels

the panels are here:

But I would not claim that this is the best material for all applications.

You decide what’s good and what is bad:

  1. the stuff smooth but not shiny smooth
  2. flexible (you cannot stand it up like say, pvs for house siding)
  3. despite #2, it may become somewhat wavy and will not completely flatten under its own weight.
  4. easy to cut
    5.I did not try but somehow, it does not feel like acetone-based glue will work well (I thought about gluing some strips as water barriers) . will not be easy to bend a panel to shape (e.g. to make a tray).

it went well under washer/dryer (and I just happen to have some pieces laying around) but for other applications, I’ll probably consult Mr. Bezos (other than siding, I did not find anything interesting at HD).

You might be able to bend it with a heatgun softening it.

Yes, probably. It bends even by hand but for large panels, the outcome while suitable for a basement, will unlikely match Hermitage interior style.

The monoprice “non plus” door sensor is no longer available. Does anyone know of an alternative “cheap” source.

I have these (2.5 version)
@ $25.
and they work well. I also tried Dome Door sensors but wires need to be soldered across the reed contact.

I actually never shop at Target. It was just the first one to pop up. Are you planning to use spray adhesive to attach it to the board or just hot glue the corners? I’m wondering if water will wick along the shelf liner or bead up on it until there’s a decent puddle. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out!

The second mesh that I ordered comes with an idea (of running Velcro around the perimeter). And I intend to steal the idea. Other options are solvent-type glue or glue dots. Of course, I can try glue gun or maybe, a heat gun. I’d like to make washable.

(I should have mesh by Saturday :slight_smile: ).

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