Lutron switches and hubs and Smart things

I started out with 1 Lutron switch and the hub then added Smartthings which all played well together.
Then I installed a Lutron fan switch and thats working well and was going to add 2 more lutron dimmers but now I’m seeing that I can’t get smartthings to see the fan switch that is installed.

starting to wonder before Ia dd anymore Lutron switches if I should be pulling the Lutron stuff and replacing with other in wall switches.

the reason I went Lutron was it seemed that electricians liked Lutron but wonder if there is much value to having 2 different hubs.

help me before I go too much further down this road. Whats a good quality in wall dimmer switch that works with Smartthings and anything else that might replace it down the road.

or is Lutron worth the extra hub for the dimmers and maybe just replace the fan switch with something else?


I personally love the Lutron dimmers. My house doesn’t have a neutral wire so my options are limited. I’ve currently got three switches up, and two more to install. They have always worked flawlessly with ST for me (I’ve had them about a year now).

Personally, I like the lutron platform and I have lutron fan controllers. But at this point, they do not integrate with SmartThings directly. Perhaps that will change in the future. Right now, I will keep them and hope that an integration will come.

As a side note, I did buy a hubitat, connect them to it and linked it to ST so I do have the fan controllers in ST via that route :slight_smile:


I have Lutron switches at my home and really like them. :sunglasses: At the present time, as you noted, the fan switch does not integrate with smartthings.

The SmartThings/Lutron integration is a legacy integration from before the new platform, so it was created by smartthings, but in the new architecture, the device manufacturers are supposed to create the integration. All of which means when you ask when the fan switch is going to work, Lutron will tell you it’s up to smartthings and smartthings will tell you it’s up to Lutron. :scream:

I don’t remember if the fan switch works with the Lutron Caseta Ifttt channel or not. If it does, you could get some integration that way.

Or you can use Amazon Alexa as a “man in the middle“ for partial integration, but it’s not very satisfying, because if you turn on the switch at the wall Alexa doesn’t know about it.

So the other alternative is, as you mentioned, to continue to use Lutron for the light switches but get a different brand for fan control.