Lutron Remote - how to use with my system

I bought a lutron remote last night to reset some Hue bulbs so I could pair them with my ST hub. That’s done and working but now I think I’d like to keep it and use it. I tried pairing the bulbs to it directly but in guessing that won’t work now.

How do I add the lutron remote to my system? If like to use it to control a set of lights on a ceiling fan.

Check out this linked post for some good instructions. You need to pair a factory reset remote to ST first, then you can pair it to bulbs also connected to ST. If you don’t pair to ST first, the remote will “steal” any bulbs you pair it to onto a separate zigbee network and ST will lose control.

I did as the thread instructed and added the remote to ST first as a thing then the bulbs would sync with the remote and the remote now controls them however ST are no longer controlling the lights?

I have the remote in my hands now and just about to use. Don’t you actually want the remote to steal the bulbs so you can factory reset? Once they are factory reset, the bulbs should be easily able to connect directly with smart things. I assume if you want to use the remote itself on your smart things network, then you would want it to join. Also, my issue is that I am having problems getting a Hue A19 while bulb to join ST at all. When it has magically shown up as a thing, none of the available Zigbee dimmer type device handlers seem to work. I wanted the remote to reset the bulb as I assume it is not set up properly for my ST network now.

Any advice or comments? At least we should all report back on exactly what worked.

Yeah I had the same issues. Here’s what you want to do

A: first thing you need to do is reset the hue bulbs with the lutron remote. That puts them in a state that will work with ST.

B: you need to have the kudlow device type installed in the IDE.

Then one at a time add turn those bulbs on. I did it by unscrewing them and putting them back in one at a time as I installed them.

Once the bulb is added you will have to go into the IDE on your computer, pull up the device and change it to the kudlow device, it will be at the very bottom of the list. Also change the name of it IE living room lamp etc. And name the service IE hue bulb. Once you hit save the device will now work on ST.

Now for the lutron remote you need to add to ST first. Do this by putting ST into scan mode in the add new device section. While it’s scanning hold the power button on the lutron remote. You should see it show up in ST as a thing. That’s all I did from ST to pair the remote. Now you take the remote and put it beside each bulb and hold the power button until the bulb connects and syncs. Keep in mind when I first did it the remote worked but ST didn’t control the bulb any more. I then took a break from it but when I got back up from a nap both the remote and ST are controlling the bulb. Good luck and let me know if you need any help.

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For help getting the hue bulbs connected. Specifically the kudlow code for the IDE check out this thread Connecting Hue directly to ST? Not yet configured listed

Dude your a life saver. My problem is I don’t have that device handler and I have tried just about every other one. Do you have a github link or easy way to find?

Here is the link to the Kudled custom device handler you need to make this work. I can 100% confirm it works with the regular new Hue White bulb and you don’t need to use the color bulb.

Thanks again,

Is this the Lutron remote referred to here?

If so, I’m having a similar problem but I’m trying to use the hue bridge and hue app to control my bulbs. It seems once I pair the remote, the hue bridge no longer finds the bulbs. Is it possible to use both hue and this remote? I’ve been able to pair the bulbs with Smartthings and the Hue bridge, but it seems this remote disrupts things.

Hi Craig, what you’re actually doing here is pairing the Hue Bridge with SmartThings, not the bulbs themselves. The bulbs are still only connected to Hue bridge, and the bridge passes the info about them and control to SmartThings.

Yup, the problem is that the bulbs can only be on one zigbee network. When you pair them to the remote, it creates its own zigbee network and effectively “stealing” the bulbs. I don’t know if anyone has successfully done it with Hue, but you would need to pair the remote to your Hue Hub first, then pair the remote to the bulbs. Once the remote has joined a zigbee network, it should use that network to interface with bulbs. Try adding it as a hue dimmer switch in the Hue app. If that doesn’t work, it may not be possible to do this with the Hue hub.

Thanks for the response. I’m trying to replace my hard-wired switch with the lutron remote and just hot wire the bulbs so they always have power. I do have some GE link bulbs that are working with both my hue app and the lutron remote so I know it’s possible. Just not sure how I did it. I recently bought some more GE link bulbs, and now I can’t figure it out. But it seems based on your response the only way for the bulbs to work with smartthings is to have the hue bridge find them first.

So I tried everything last night to get my new bulbs connected to the hue bridge and the lutron remote with no luck. It doesn’t make sense knowing that I have 4 other GE link bulbs that I can operate with the hue app and a lutron remote. It’s very frustrating. I was really hoping to get this working since I bought about 10 new GE bulbs thinking this was possible. Not I’m not sure what to do. I can go the route of pairing the bulbs and remote with smartthings which will give me control through the smartthings app and the switch. But I was really hoping to be able to use my “flics” as well which currently only work with hue.

Can someone confirm that I don’t need to pair the bulbs with the hue bridge first before using the bulbs with smartthings? I guess the bulbs are identified as a new “thing” directly?

So for anyone looking to use the Lutron remote with the Hue Hub, the directions in the Amazon review linked above did the trick for me. Just in case the URL changes in the future:

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5.0 out of 5 stars Pair with Hue Hub and Remote, May 14, 2016
By E. Stocks

This review is from: Lutron LZL-4B-WH-L01 Connected Bulb Remote (Tools & Home Improvement)

Here's how to pair it with hue hub and the ZLLbulb to be controlled by both Hub and remote.
1. Pair bulb and hub as normal, test functions of bulb with Hue app
2. unwrap the remote Hold On and Off on remote for 10s to factory reset
3. use Hue app to add a Hue Dimmer Switch, EDIT: Add Accessory->Hue Dimmer Switch
4. Use the On button on the remote, hold it next to Hue Hub and hold on for about 4s. Watch the remote LED. You are looking for fast blinking of the remote LED to inicate pairing was successful. The Hue app will not display any information about the pairing.
5. Go to the smart bulb and hold the remote to it, hold On for 10s, wait for the bulb to finish flashing, the remote to finish blinkin/g fast indicating sucessful pairing.
6. Remote joined master network at Hue Hub, then made secondary network with bulb.
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I need help pairing this remote to SmartThings.
Can somebody point me to the instructions for simply doing that?

I started off by pressing the top button for a few seconds while I had my SmartThigns system in pairing mode (as suggested here on the forum somewhere), but instead of pairing with SmartThings, it somehow paired with one of my GE Link bulbs (which is definitely NOT what I want).

How can I fix this? :slight_smile: