Lutron RadioRA Integration

Lutron Caseta uses the newer protocol, RA2, so this particular set up will not.

I just got a SmartThings hub and am starting to work on integrating RadioRA2. I plan on basically using a Raspberry Pi running a simple node.js server to “translate” the socket based interface of the RadioRA2 into something ST can handle. I’ll use this as a base:

I’m not familiar with Groovy, so that might take a bit. I’m also not yet clear on how to fire events INTO ST from this service (e.g. for switch change notifications)

Welcome and good luck! I’m sure many people would like to see your project succeed.

Groovy itself is just a Java variant, and smartthings has its own version of groovy.

The important thing to note is that SmartThings is not sold as a piece of server hardware that customers are given control of. It’s not a base you can expand.

Instead, it was originally designed as a cloud service where customers could write custom code that would run in the smart things cloud. The local device is really just a radio to send the output messages.

(And what you can do is pretty limited. For example, on the software there’s no way to load your own libraries into the local box or into the cloud. You can only insert into to the existing executable structure.)

Consequently, there is no official way into the local box directly. UDP is not supported, neither is TCP.

You’ll find most of the heavy coders in the following topic, and they can answer additional questions. Some people do have workarounds, but it’s not quite what you might expect. (This is a clickable link.)

Interesting. I had assumed the http methods would be enough, but if they’re running from the cloud then that presents some serious security challenges and setup challenges that would make it unpleasant to work with (not so much for one person but if “regular” folks want to set it up). I saw some discussion that certain device handlers would run from the hub itself - but also that one wasn’t supposed to assume one way or the other. That thread seems to be trying something more complicated, but I’ll keep reading.

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This looks sufficient:

You should take a look at this integration to help you with a RadioRa 2 integration. All of the formatting of Lutron commands, and all of the processing of Lutron responses is done in one SmartApp, called Lutron Gateway. The device type for the ThingShield, and the Arduino sketch simply pass messages to/from Lutron and that app.

The Lutron Gateway app creates virtual devices in ST for each Lutron device that is to be controlled. The app subscribes to each virtual device’s on/off/level events, from which it formats the corresponding Lutron command to send. The app is pretty simple and straight forward – only about 100 lines of code.

For RadioRa 2, you could use the same basic architecture, where your Raspberry Pi and LAN interface simply pass messages, and you do the command formatting and response processing in your main app. Responses from Lutron are passed to the app, which figures out which child device should get the event, and then sends the event to the virtual device so that it remains in sync with the Lutron device.


What does the RadioRa command set look like? Isn’t it basically the same as RadioRa2? Can’t we just modify the shield to send stuff over an ethernet shield, and we are good to go?

EDIT: I see they are different.
EDIT2: I have some shield code for integration with RadioRa2, I can post if people are interested.

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How is your integration coming along?

It’s going quite well in fact. I had to completely reset the Lutron system and re-program it. That took a couple of hours, and was pretty straight forward. The main thing so far that we’re getting out the integration is the ability for Echo to turn things on and off in the Lutron part of the house. I have one light that’s part of Lutron that I was able to add to some motion lighting automations.

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hi max, i have some ra2 dimmers aswell … do you have a setup that is working yet using the rasperry pi?

i’d be interested in following, i’m not super tech … so hoping you have a recipe to follow if suscesful with parts and steps to follow.


Yeah, I have the pi side working fine (have for a while via ). But I haven’t had time to grok the way these “LAN connected devices” are coded in smartthings. I get how to make calls out to my node module, but not clear how to propagate RadioRa events BACK into ST.

Max, any update on your Lutron RadioRA (version 1) SmartThings compatible interface via Raspberry Pi integration project? The only two projects I can find doing anything with RadioRA is this and Bruce’s (using the Arduino). I have a spare Pi sitting around so was going to start investigating whether something workable is available to build upon.


Is this the SmartThing shield you reference?

I’m considering trying to tackle this. I have a lot of Lutron RadioRa I not II switches throughout the house. I’d love to be able to integrate them.

Did you need to do any coding?

I apologize for what may be very noob questions.


I don’t have the radio ra2 stuff but I’m pretty sure it uses Telnet integration and you could build upon my work with the Caseta stuff. Basically you can connect to it using a raspberry pi or similar. I’d be happy to assist if you’re interested in trying to work on it.

I have the original Radio Ra. I’m not sure if I’m ready to tackle this, although I’d certainly love to.

I’m working on this same project.Based on the low availability of the thing shields Im trying to use a 5100 Ethernet shield. I’m stuck on what to do about loading Bruce’s sketch in, not sure if I need the custom 5100 sketch from Dans project. If anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated. Thanks.


I see you have integrated your RadioRA into ST. Can you or anyone you know on this forum build one of your devices to integrate my RadioRA system into ST. I don’t have the knowledge to do this myself but would certainly be willing to pay a reasonable amount to have it done. Currently I am controlling it through HomeSeer with there plugin and a serial cable connected to my chronos. This works ok but is a completely separate system which I have not been able to integrate into my Simple Control 5 system. SmartThings on the other hand plays well with Simple Control. It would be great to have everything integrated into Simple Control via a SmartThings hop. Is this something someone can do for a price or would I have to build it myself?

Bruce, I have a RadioRA setup in my house. I have purchased the Ardunio and the Smarthings shield, but I could not find the Arduino RS232 shield and instead purchased RS232/RS485 Shield for Arduino and the details for this board are @

I am trying to compile and install your Arduino sketch but I keep getting the following error. I am a newbie to Arduino development but a seasoned software engineer. Any help will be very much appreciated.

ArduinoSketch:12: error: ‘HW_SERIAL3’ was not declared in this scope
SmartThings smartthing(HW_SERIAL3, messageCallout); // Hardware Serial constructor
exit status 1
‘HW_SERIAL3’ was not declared in this scope

Pic of my Arduino setup:

Which SmartThings library are you trying to use for your project? I believe Bruce used one of my older Arduino SmartThings libraries for the ThingShield that supported the Arduino MEGA.

I have modified Bruce’s original sketch in the following post as it needed a few tweaks to work with my latest SmartThings Arduino library

And here is the location of my SmartThings ThingShield library that goes with it.

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