Lutron Maestro sensor switch MS-OPS2

can smarthings hub v2 talk to Lutron Maestro sensor switch MS-OPS2?

That’s a nice device (I have one in my own laundry room), but it’s not smart device. No radio of any kind. So it doesn’t work with SmartThings or any home automation system. It’s just a dumb switch with a built-in motion sensor. That’s why it costs so much less than the smart switches.

I suppose theoretically you could add an in wall micro further upstream and cut the power to the circuit all together from SmartThings, which is essentially the same as throwing the circuit breaker, but it’s not really giving you much functionality and you’re never going to have access to the sensor in the switch. And I’m pretty sure just turning the power back on at the switch won’t actually turn the light on, it would still need the motion trigger. Cutting the power to the switch would turn it off. But still it’s a pretty limited use

Most people just use a separate sensor device with a regular smart switch.

GE did come out with a smart switch with a built-in motion sensor about a year ago, and some people are using that.

Thank you!. I guess I will use this in area/rooms where i don’t care for it to be smart. ( laundry/pantry/Garage) and use the GE one that you suggested in main areas. do you know off the top of your head if this GE Swich is dimmable switch?

To be clear, I’m not personally recommending any of the GE switches as I don’t use them, but they are a popular budget brand. ( I use Lutron Caseta switches at my own house. )

The GE zwave motion switches come in both an on/off switch and a dimmer model.

You can talk to the people using them in the following thread: