Lutron LCBR remote replacement

I originally had 4 Cree connected bulbs in two lamps in the same room connected directly to the Pico remote, as there is no wired switch in the room.

I just bought my SmartThings Hub, and I am trying to add ST control, and by extension google home control to this simple setup.

I have read through the huge thread, and searched multiple times, but I cannot find a solution for what I need.


  • no wall power, battery only
  • must look like a dumb switch, preferably decora
  • must support smartthings, and control crew connected bulbs.

I was originally thinking just buying a Lutron hub would solve this, but I don’t think the cree bulbs will connect from my reading.

Can anyone suggest anything?

Are you sure your cree bulbs were connected to a pico remote? It’s far more likely that they were connected to the “Lutron connected bulb remote” (LCBR) a now discontinued device that looks something like a pico, but actually operates on an entirely different frequency. It would not work with a Lutron bridge, for example.

In any case, there are several devices that would meet your criteria, and then the wall mount switch communicates to the hub and the hub communicates to the Cree bulbs. So that part is easy.

As far as one that looks like a rocker switch, there are only a couple of those. See the following thread (this is a clickable link)

Thank you for your super quick response! You are correct, it is the Connected bulb remote. I didnt realize they were different until you mentioned it.

I read through the thread you linked, the Cooper Aspire remotes look like they only control other aspire switches, can they be used independently? Same thing with the iDevice remotes.

I did see the solution some were using to get the remote to pair, and using Pollster to report the state. I am going to try this out, as I still cant find any remotes that do exactly what I need.

The Cooper is a standard Z wave switch, it can talk to the smartthings hub, and then the smart things hub could talk to any other device on your SmartThings account. So it’s popular for this use. :sunglasses:

So to be 100% sure, I can use the cooper RF9500 with just Cree Bulbs and the ST hub? I dont need any other hardware?

Yes. :sunglasses: The 9500 will tell the hub that it has been pressed, then the hub will tell the Cree bulbs to turn on or off.

Another option would be to buy a Phillips Hue bridge. You could connect your Cree bulbs to that bridge which would allow you to still use your connected bulb remotes. Then you would connect your Hue bridge to Smartthings to have control both ways.