Lutron dimmers all unavailable

I have a Lutron SmartBridge and three dimmers which work great on ST. I just added a fourth today and now all four show in ST as unavailable. Oddly, if I open the device in the ST app I can work it fine – despite the Unavailable error. And they all work fine from the Lutron app.

I’ve tried rebooting the hub, rebooting the Lutron bridge. Any other ideas? I’d prefer to avoid deleting the Lutron SmartApp since I assume that will yank all the devices from their routines.

Having similar problem everything works with alexa and ST app dispite showing unavailable on my dashboard.

Did this issue ever get resolved? Mine’s doing exactly the same thing.

No it did not

So I fixed mine by deleting and then adding them all in the Lutron app. The ST app then could see them properly.

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