Lutron Caseta Support using smart bridge pro?


Does anyone know if this integration is possible now or in the future? Is it on the road-map? I have some Lutron Caseta and love it, but now want some additional home automation and don’'t want to do it myself.

Thanks in advance.

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Based on previous staff postings in the forms, it’s not on the roadmap. Lutron local integrations with other systems use TCP or similar protocols which SmartThings does not presently support.

lutron Caseta does have an IFTTT channel, as does SmartThings, so you could get some integration that way, it’s just a question of how much lag.

Hi @Warder,

I’m in the same ballpark as you. Have my entire house outfitted with Lutron Casetta Dimmers and absolutely love them. My Smartthings v2 Hub arrives this Thursday so I’m going to be doing everything I can to connect it with the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro.

In the mean time, I’ve been experimenting with a rooted wink hub which is proving to be a lot of fun and wrote a little web interface to control my lights and fans. If I can’t find a way to get Smartthings to talk to the Lutron Bridge, perhaps I can get it working with my custom Wink API.

One way or the other, my entire goal from the outset is to get these two platforms to talk to each other. I’m a bit concerned because there are many other much more capable coders out there that haven’t made this happen so not sure how much success I’ll have but I’m pretty determined to make this work.

I’ll definitely be posting my findings here as I make progress :slight_smile:



@jared - thanks for you efforts. I hope you can have some success! I will eagerly watch your progress.

I too have both a smart things and Lutron bridge (plus staples connect). I have a half dozen lights with Caseta , and all my ceiling fans on Zwave with smart things. Having everything accessible through smart things would be huge!

Were you able to get this working ? I’m dipping my hands in both and trying to see if they work.

I have roughly hacked together a very basic controller with STNP. I started digging in to building the actual app (or Thing) but got somewhat stuck there. I still have my SmartThings Hub plugged in so eventually I get back into it.

Kind of surprised that it’s taken this long for someone to come up with a solution for this as I’ve only run into relatively minor challenges that a more advanced developer would probably fly right through.

A community member recently created a new integration which seems to be working pretty well. It does require an additional device to act as the server.