Lutron Caseta not authorized

I have several Lutron Caseta switches/lights that have been working great for 3 years (I use Lutron in several areas that don’t have a neutral wire and they work without neutral). I added 2 of the same Lutron switches as I have in other rooms and they would not show up in Smartthings, even after multiple reboots and 2 days. I tried to unlink and then reauthorize the Lutron account thinking that they would fix the issue, however instead when I click to authorize the Lutron account in the Smartthings app it goes to a page that says “Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page” Ive tried on my phone, tablet and pc but no dice. I really count on those lights and switches from Smartthings automation. Does anyone have any ideas how to relink them?

have you opened a help ticket?