Lutron Caseta integration do I need a smart bridge?

Check your local lowes. The one by my house had the starter kits on clearance for $25. Sign will say $99 or whatever, but have someone who works there check on their scanner.

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Thanks for the tip. I’ll take a look. 25 bucks would be perfect.

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I have a kit at home that has been sealed for months with a bridge inside. I can look when I get home from work to tell you exactly what kit it is. I would like to sell it, if you are interested.

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I would be interested. How much would you want?

It should be this kit:

I’m not sure on price, I found a few on ebay. One was over $100 which is ridiculous and another was $75. What do you think is fair?

You should take the for sale conversations to the community for sale thread. Not only will more people see it, but you may find somebody who has something you’d like in trade. :sunglasses:

As far as fair pricing, a good rule of thumb is to find the item on Amazon, then go to Camel Camel Camel and look at the current “third-party used” pricing.

If your item is brand new in the box, the camel camel camel “third party used” is a good place to start, although be aware that when buying from an individual community member people may expect the price to be about 25% below that number when buying from an unknown individual. If your item is actually used, the typical community sale price is about half of the “third-party used” Camel Camel Camel price. Again, just because of the uncertainty in buying from an unknown individual. But you never know, everybody needs to set their prices individually.

Always list the actual model number of what you are offering for sale, as there tends to be a lot of confusion if you just use a verbal description.

If there is something that you’d like in trade, definitely mention that in your post, as you can often get much more value in trade than you could in cash. :tada:

Thanks for the insight. Camel camel camel shows about 80 bucks for 3rd party used. 25% off that would be 60 bucks. I would do that. Or let me know what you were thinking. I’ve never purchased from a random person on the internet so that does make me a little nervous. I’d have to check to see if my wife still has a paypal account. Not sure how else payment would be handled.

Feel free to shoot me a PM. I was thinking $65 shipped. It is brand new, still sealed. Paypal would be best.

I’ll send you a PM Jeff. Thanks,

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Again, $25 at Lowe’s for this same thing.

I went to Lowes today and they checked on the starter kit for me. It was marked on the rack as 99 dollars and when they checked it also came back as 99 dollars. I told them I knew someone that got it on clearance at lowes for 25 dollars but they said they didn’t know how unless it was an older model or something. Or you just got lucky with someone that didn’t know what they were doing! Either way lucky for you! I however was not so lucky. But was worth a try.

Lowe’s prices vary from store to store, so something can be on clearance at one store and full price at another.

That could be very true. But I want to get this setup asap. I’ve been wanting to start this for a long time. I started out with X10 and had a bunch of lights “running” off that. I actually still have 3 lights connected to a remote that still for the most part works but it’s buggy and I have been wanting to get a better system going for ever. Soon as I get this bridge I can replace the last thing on x10 and get pretty much all my living room up and running on smarthings/Lutron. I bought a echo dot for voice automation. I will probably switch to a google home eventually but wanted to try it out and the dot was only 50 bucks. Lots of fun! :slight_smile:

What’s your Lowes store? (address/store number)? I once got a screamin’ deal on some roof paint and Lowes shipped it from Idaho to SoCal for $40!

JDRoberts. Thank you very much for this comprehensive reply re Lutron Caseta Integration and SmartThings Hub. It really clarified a lot of questions in my head and what a relief, I had just placed an order for Lutron Caseta Smart Switch Kit that includes a hub and for a while I wondered if I needed the hub if there was going to be SmartThings in my future. Per your explanation, I need both, so my order will go as is. Definitely I will also have a SmartThings hub for the other smart upgrades I will do in my house. Cheers!

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@JDRoberts do you know if the Lutron/SmartThings integration includes blinds/shades on the Lutron system?

Yes, it works with Serena for sure. It might work with some of the other models, but you would need the smartbridge pro.

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Perfect, thanks!

See the following thread:

I’ve read you can create custom commands and link them to devices for Alexa, so you could replace “blinds on” with “blinds open” that way.