Lutron Caseta - Identify Physical Switch Interaction?

I have Lutron Caseta dimmers that are driven by pistons from webCoRE. In these pistons, I specify that physical switch interactions can override some automated programming… but the switches/SmartThings are not differentiating between a physical switch press and an instruction from SmartThings.

Is this a known issue or limitation with them?

Lutron switches are going through their bridge to lutron’s cloud and then to ST.

So it’s all through ST, physical pushes cant be differentiated.


Ah, that makes sense. Disappointing but makes perfect sense, thanks Mark!

I’ll have to figure out another workaround.

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Totally agree, very disappointing. Overall I find the integration with lutron to be great, but I still wish I could install z-wave switches in the boxes where I have caseta switches now. Not having neutrals is a bummer.