Lutron Caseta Fan switch speed not working in scenes

I’m having an issue with fan speed control with Lutron Caseta fan switches used in scenes. Looking at the event logs, the problem seems to be the order in which commands are being sent from SmartThings to Lutron. First, a speed command is sent. In this case, 1 for low speed. Then, a fan on command is being sent which turns the fan on to the highest speed. Using v3 hub. Any thoughts on a fix?

Sounds similar to the dimming issue with lutron dimmers in scenes that lutron recently resolved on their end. Your best bet would be to contact Lutron support to report the issue.

Did you see the image I included? SmartThings is sending a low speed command followed by a max speed command. I’m expecting the low speed. Wouldn’t that be an issue on the SmartThings side?

not necessarily. You can report it to both ST support and Lutron support

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This should be fixed now. Thanks for bringing this up!


It’s fixed, thanks!

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ST support was no help:

Wow, that’s from a very old script. 2020, I think. :thinking:

It is no longer true that “our developers are adding many smart devices to smartthings.” That’s not the way it works anymore.

Since Samsung published the smartthings API, integrations are now the responsibility of the device manufacturer, who creates their own integration and submits it for publication into the app. The manufacturer is also responsible for the ongoing updates to their integration.

Lutron and a couple of others are in a slightly different position because the original integration was done by smartthings engineers. During the transition to the new platform, the integration has been something of a joint venture, although I believe it will eventually end up being Lutron’s responsibility like all the other integrations.

Anyway, smartthings engineers are very busy, but it’s with transitions to the new platform, not with individual device integrations.


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