Lutron Caseta Events When Device Operated Manually

I have numerous Lutron Caseta devices in my home and am using a Lutron Caseta Pro hub. I have been able to connect my Lutron account and add the individual devices to SmartThings.

While I am able to control the devices from the SmartThings app, it is not aware when a device changes state manually, e.g. a wall switch is pressed. Specifically, I use the SmartThings app to turn on a light in the bedroom; next, I manually turn it off by pressing the Lutron wall switch … the SmartThings app still shows the light as being on.

Is this a known issue? Have I missed something in setup? Thanks…

Same here using the Caseta Pro hub. I had the non-Pro hub previously and didn’t experience this. Hopefully someone has a solution. Thanks for posting.