Lutron Caséta and Sonos now work together

Soon, you’ll enjoy all the same Caséta control features for your favorite music with the new Sonos endorsed integration, on your Lutron App and on the NEW Pico remote control for audio.

This morning in New York City, Lutron and Sonos announced the future of light and music, putting you in control of your home’s sights and sounds in a simple, personal way.

With this new Pico, enjoy one-touch control of the Sonos Home Sound System in exactly the same way that you control lights and shades, from your nightstand or from the wall. Play, pause, skip tracks, and adjust volume - no phone needed.

Another “clue” that Sonos is making an effort to stay in the mainstream. As an early Sonos adopter, I’m pleased to see this…


I would be pleased to see SmartThings - Lutron integration…Wink has it, HomeKit has it, Nest has it…everyone seems to have it but ST


So agree with that statement. I’m puzzled why Luton is not supported by ST. Still considing a switch to vera for local zwave support and lutron for lights and blinds. No official Alexa bugs me over in Vera land too. ImperiHome with Galaxy Tab S3s for control is very tempting :slight_smile: real first world challenges.

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Agree about Lutron integration. Their reliability is rock solid. If Luton supports just a few other devices they would probably be the only solution I would use.