Lutron and FYRTUR (Ikea) Automations

Ive recently renovated the basement suite in my house and have gone all smart appliances, lights and blinds.
As this is a basement suite, there is a large window in the bathroom that looks directly into the back yard.I would like the Ikea FYRTUR blinds to close when the Lutron fan switch is pressed.
I was able to create an automation, however the blinds will only close when I turn the fan on through smartthings app via phone, and not pressing the fan button
Is it possible to have the blinds close when there is a physical press of the fan switch?
I’s using smartthings (wifi) hub, 6 lutron light switches, and 1 lutron fan control switch.
Thank you!

When did you add the lutron caseta devices to SmartThings?

The Lutron integration has been updated recently and causing the issue you described where the status is not reflected in the app if you control the devices physically.

The way to resolve it is to remove the Lutron integration in menu > settings > linked services and then add it back. Removing the integration will remove all lutron devices. Note: take screenshots of any automations/scenes that use the lutron devices because they will get deleted when you remove the integration. After adding the integration back, recreate the automations/scenes.


That worked perfect! Thank you so much!
Now I have one more question, and I think I already know the answer.
The lutron fan controller has the center (favorite/recall button) Is it possible to use that as a toggle for the FYRTUR blinds?

That is to set the favorite level on the fan controller. I do not believe it can be used for any other functions.

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Those were my thoughts as well.
Sorry if this was previously discussed. I was under the impression it was an integration issue with ikea and lutron. I just wired in the fan controller this evening, and was unaware there was an update on the lutron side.
Thanks again, much appreciated.

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