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It just depends what rep your order goes to. I have had orders canceled, then I resubmit and it goes though. I have had some who send an email explaining why it was canceled, and I have plenty that have been canceled with no explanation.


And that’s the part that rubs me the wrong way a little. I’m tempted to call them up on Tuesday (day after stuff is supposed to be delivered) and ask to know where-tf is my stuff…

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I don’t complain about the canceled orders. The less attention to these deals/errors the better.


I had an order cancelled this morning. I actually didn’t expect it to be filled to begin with. I got an email 85% off all holiday stuff. Local store showed 1 of everything in stock. So I went down the list $700 worth of decorations cam to $52 ( ya $15/$50 code) now $37. Got a phone call an hour or so later. As soon as I she said she was from Lowe’s about my order I replied with " lemme guess you actually don’t have them in stock , the 1 available online was the display & somebody forgot to zero it out of inventory before they went in the dumpster " . She was dumbfounded " ahh, ahh ,ahh uhm ya probably something like that,we don’t have any lights or decorations anywhere in the store I’m so sorry " I had a good laugh.

FedEx delivered my 2 Protects. Somebody screwed up. Opened the box ( as usual way too big 18x18x18 and stuffed full of air packs. ) and they shipped 1 hardwire and 1 battery powered. Now do I go to my local store and exchange the battery powered, or just save myself the fun of running 20’ of romex to the other end of the room ?
Anybody have an extra hardwired they wish to trade for a battery powered ?

My order for 4 Nest Protects was cancelled, also without notification. Bummer.

I’m going to ask a mildly dumb question here… but how do you guys find the pricing errors so easily? Sheer stroke of luck or do you have something monitoring (like camelcamelcamel for amazon)…

i don’t think it’s a pricing error. lowes stores can discount items. there’s a lowes price checker script (may have been taken down) that would search each store

Exchange (if at no added cost) …

As infrequent as it may occur, you will have a sour taste in your mouth every time you have to change out the batteries.

And consider the differences between the two when deciding:

Exchange what batteries ? AFAIK the batteries are not replaceable. When they die you toss it out and spend $100 on a new one. Of course even the hardwired have a usable life and need to be replaced every 5-10 years . These 2 make 8 nests , since I have no clue how old the CO2 detectors were ( except for the 2 above water heaters I installed 6 years ago) and know all the smoke detectors were 6 year old. Good first Alert or Kidde are $50 or more each, so decided to replace them all with Protects. Until I put in the pellet stove I saw no real reason to put detectors in sunroom,

Batteries are replaceable…comes w/a full set of 10 year batteries that you insert.

~10 years later you replace them.

However, as you note, these things are supposed to have a 10 year max life, so regardless of batteries or powered, AFAIK you replace.

Like I said after 10 years you just throw the whole thing away and buy a new one.

Yeah there are batteries and they are replaceable.
I haven’t had to touch my battery Nest Protect in 2yrs so far.

Yup - hit reply before I finished thinking. :slight_smile: Edited as you were typing.

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Wow, hadn’t put 2 and 2 together on the life span of a smoke detector and the price of these things. That’s rough.

Yep. I had no idea until I started replacing a few old detectors with Protects that they had a lifespan. My old ones have been up 20 years (gulp).

Okay, I decided I want to call and chase my order. I cannot figure out what number to call. None of the main numbers I can find offer order support. Do I call the store I ordered from? I’m not sure if they fulfill these from the stores or elsewhere.

Sorry, confused.

That right there is why every major manufacturer went to using built in long life batteries. ( That and the whole people removing the battery to stop beeping and never replacing it thing ). You are not alone in have 20-30-40 year old smoke detectors . AFAIK fire departments don’t come around one a year with a can of smoke to see if yours are still working properly.

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I did a chat instead. Interesting. They claim I have a delivery date of 1/18 yet my order still says In Process and I got no shipping notice. Wondering if the agent just assumed 1/18 based on shipping method selected.

The funny part is they said if my order doesn’t arrive they have a price guarantee that would allow me to get the sale price on a replacement order. That I’ll believe when I see it.