Lowes website

Thanks! I’ve been waiting for these to drop in price. Ordered 4 this morning.

Could someone PM me a $15/50 code? Thanks!

I deleted them as I gave them out.

Just gave the last 2 I had to @tbs26 & @Exvera

What is that? Is that a battery powered zigbee switch? SmartThings compatible?

Yes those are battery powered ZigBee devices. They are not officially supported by SmartThings, but there is a community DTH that supports it.

Got a couple. Seem OK. One dropped off once in 3 months use. A bit flaky on dimming. Hard to get desired level on the lamps they control w/Lightify bulbs. They come with a mount to put them in a standard electrical box.

Just got shipping notifications on $49 Nest Protects. Ordered 2 (separate orders with coupons) at 9:32am est on Wednesday. Their is hope…

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Ugh… I haven’t received anything yet…

I saw a lot of the same Z-wave and smart home products at Home Depot yesterday. Does a price checker script exist for HD?

NO, HD does not show individual store discount/ price discrepancies like Lowe’s does.

Gotcha. Thanks

My order was cancelled by Lowes.

I have a feeling mine is heading that way. Day and a half after order and it’s still sitting at “In Process.” If it were Amazon it would have been delivered by now, lol.

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My order for a Nest Protect and a few filler items just shipped. I wish I could have gotten a few more at that price.

My 2 shipped from CT 6:30pm tonight, for delivery tomorrow. ( Well Lowe’s says Tues 17th, FedEx says tomorrow )

Just manually checked all my orders. They cancelled EVERYTHING. No email, no call, no nothing.

Still no movement for me. If this was a pricing error perhaps they’re assessing how much they can afford to lose, LOL. If it does go through it will be some crazy deal with the coupon too. I’m fine if it gets cancelled and congrats to those that get their orders.

I was actually looking for at least one more. Installed a new pellet stove in sunroom and know the fire inspector will appreciate having a CO2/Smoke alarm in there, even if code doesn’t require it. I’m assuming it will be the same inspector that insisted I install another one right above the water heater because the one 10’ away wasn’t good enough.

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I have three installed at the moment and need 5 more. The $100 price tag was holding me back.