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@Bruce_R I have 3 " extra " 15/50 codes that will expire 1/10 ( I’m assuming they are good, I made 5 and the first 2 worked for me no issues) . If you are still looking

Anyone needing 50 off 250s or 15 off 50s, just send me a PM and I’ll be happy to provide. It may not be instant, but as soon as I get message on my phone. Very simple to figure out how to make your own.

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Thanks guys, I am all set.

Any PM me the code for 50 off 250s or 15 off 50s, or any other discount i will appreciate it.


Nest Protect Hardwired - $49.50 @ Homewood, AL. Shipping allowed.


Thanks. This is what I’ve been waiting for. I just ordered 6 with the $50 off $250 coupon.

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I only need 2 more, wasn’t paying attention and made 50/250 instead of 15/50 codes. So if anybody needs either, drop me a note

Anyone got a couple of the 50 off 250 codes? Much appreciated…

Same - can someone PM a $50 off $250?

Done ____________________

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Guess I was too slow. The Nest Protect in Homewood, AL are showing up in the cart at $99.00 now.

yup. I spent too much time looking for other goodies :cry:

We’ll see if they are going to honor the ones that did get in on time…

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$79.90 Carol Stream, IL battery version & AC. Shipping

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Anyone have a 15 off 50 code that you could PM me? Thanks!



Thanks! Just bought 3 Lightify Dimmer Switches @ 25% off plus Ebates 2.5% and 15off50 for $17.49 each


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Don’t forget to throw some ‘thanks/hearts’ to @RLDreams way for the codes!

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I have 1 each of 15/50 and 50/250 left exp on 1/17/17


@RLDreams - I was too slow and didn’t get to use the $50/250 you sent me, so please feel free to offer it to someone else.


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