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Needed an outdoor Bluetooth speaker for announcements?

I thought SmartThings doesn’t have Bluetooth enabled?

You use the Bluetooth speakers connected to an Android device with LANnouncer or an Echo Dot.


Can these speakers be linked together?
I would love to place 3 or 4 around the yard but have the same music playing through all.

but echo dot cannot announce events unless spoken to first.


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Yes, that’s true, that’s why I mentioned LANnouncer which can send notifications and other directed speech via TTS on the Android device. With the Echo dot, you can pipe music, etc. outside to that Bluetooth speaker.

I don’t think so. I’ve seen a few BT sets sold in pairs that play in stereo. I think you need to go wifi for that.

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Ok thanks, maybe I will just pick one up and throw it in the garage and get rid of the old radio. It looks durable enough.

If you want one for the garage, HD had a decent magnetic BT ( for sticking to the side of toolbox ) for $19 on BF. My local had them marked down to $15 yesterday in store.

I’ll check out that one today.


looks like the checker is down right now?

The source code has also been deleted… kinda looks like something fishy is going on.

I wonder if the author got a request from Lowe’s to remove it…

Working just fine for me on Chrome.

It will probably continue to work (until Lowe’s changes their site) if you already have it installed, but the code has disappeared from the web so new installs are impossible right now. I discovered this yesterday, because the computer that I have it installed on is out for repairs, and so I tried to install it on another and can’t find it anywhere.

Edit: I suppose I shouldn’t say impossible, because users who already have it installed can send the code to new users. But it’s not as easy as it once was.

same for me

You could probably accomplished that by adding chromecast audio (it says it has a headphone Input) and grouping the speakers in google home.

Does anyone know if the electric charger is rated outdoors?

Also, to save you the time, no store has it at a lower price

I put a copy of the script out here just in case. All credit goes to the author and don’t ask me to make changes…i am by far not a dev.


I have one. Basic wall wart transformer. DC input on the speaker is not water proof; nothing a little silicone won’t cure. Transformer could go in a box.