Lowes Iris Smart Button Gen1

I just bought this exact Smart button - Lowes First Generation Wireless Home Automation Button Gen1:


I searched in the forums and did not find a Gen1 DTH. Does anyone know where I can find one? Anyone out there who has successfully paired this device directly to their STv2 hub?


I might be wrong… but I thought Lowes first gen devices used a proprietary Zigbee protocol and wouldn’t run on ST. (Once again, I think. @JDRoberts might know more.

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As @ZebraBlinds mentioned, The first generation Lowe’s Iris zigbee devices cannot be made to work with SmartThings. You will find much discussion in the forums about them.

The second generation, which uses the zigbee home automation profile (ZHA 1.2) will work. So will most of the Z wave devices.

Zigbee standard allows for many different profiles and they can be very different. They don’t even all use the same addressing scheme. SmartThings uses the zigbee home automation profile.

So the best thing would be to return the first generation one that you bought and instead buy the second generation:


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Makes sense. Thanks for your time and the education!