Lowes Iris Motion detector work through glass?

Will these work through glass? Trying to figure out how to trigger my Blink camera to start taping when there is motion outside the window…

No, PIR Motion sensors detect very small changes in infrared, infrared is blocked by glass, so none of these sensors work through glass.

To detect motion through glass, most people use a camera that does video analysis. ( usually called “pixel change analysis” in a home security context.) This works well, but is much more expensive.

The usual alternative is just to put a zone of motion sensors ( to reduce false alerts) outside.

Lots of detailed discussion in the following thread as people try to find the perfect cheap device, but to be honest there’s a lot of trial and error as different things work for different people.

Mike Maxwell’s zone manager is an excellent smart app that lets you define a zone of multiple motion sensors, but then of course things get expensive as you are adding additional devices

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BTW, i’m sure there are others, but the Arlo Q series (not the regular Arlo) can do pixel change analysis, so they can detect motion through window. I don’t know if these are part of the SmartThings integration, though.


You are the best for help…thank you!

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