Lowes Iris Contact Sensor Bounce


I picked up my first Lowes Iris Contact Sensor. It works great with Smartthings, but I have it tied to a closet light with the Smart Lighting app and about half the time when I open the door, the light comes on, goes off and comes on again.

When I look at the contact sensor in the app, it goes open-close-open. Is there a way to add bounce logic to the DTH so it will not tell the hub the state has switched until the sensor has been in a constant position for a few fractions of a second?


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What DTH are you using? I’m not seeing this behavior and I have a lot of these

Can’t you just set it to go 1 minute after motion stop in smart lighting app?

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Odd issue, I’m using a few of these and have never seen that. Is the magnet in a position to false trigger it by any chance?

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Not: open-close-open-close?

Surely the Sensor must read and send a Closed Event when the door is solidly closed, else you have to adjust the position of the sensor or magnet…

When it opens, it goes open close open. Light goes on off on.

I considered adding a delay, but thought denounce logic would be better.

I think these are supported now? It came up with iris contact sensor. I don’t think I ever loaded a custom DTH for this.

Your magnet is not positioned optimally. I have witnessed and corrected magnet bounce on several of these. These do not use reed relays, they use hall-effect sensors which effectively measure strength of the magnetic field. They are prone to bouncing anytime the magnet isnt mounted directly parallel or any time they trigger by angular departure or movement other than perpendicular departure.

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