Lowes 3210-L Smart plug stuck on (please Wait)

I have tried resetting and I get the Blue blinking light
Smartthings app see’s it as a (thing) it gives me the pair screen and I hit OK, but it just sits on this (please wait) for ever
I let it sit all night with no change.

“THE” Vince Moroney?

to your question, I don’t know exactly but this is how I would attempt to resolve:

…0 reboot your phone

…1 check IDE login/ MyDevices/ yourSpecificDevice/ delete the device if present . Reset again (usually for a Zigbee device this means “press and hold the button while you plug-in” . Confirm blinking blue-light. Then try re-pairing (pairing anew) .

…2 FYI the device I think you are referring to, should be paired as “SmartPower Outlet” Centralite model: 3210-L . If not that then what is it ?

…3 If still pairing as “Thing” then login to IDE above and manually change its device type as above.

…4 sometime SmartThings infrastructure/cloud is down and won’t proceed normally, including pairing. Waiting a day or two, doing something more satisfying is useful.

Thanks for the help
It was showing the device type as Samsung smart TV, I changed it to the SmartPower Outlet and that fixed the problem
Thanks again