Lowe's 2nd Gen motion detector light colors

Okay I have gone through all the Lowe’s/ Iris websites/ documentation I can find with to no avail.

Does anybody have a key as to what the different colors mean on this little gem ? I have one that is hanging on Red instead of just flashing green when it detects motion. It is still working as expected and shows 67% battery.
I have another that consistently lost it’s connection to the hub or got stuck on motion and needed to be power cycled to get t to re-include. That one is now cycling through the rainbow of colors ( like in inclusion mode) , but it has not lost its connection in over a week and is working Battery shows 33%.

I have the same thing with an open/close sensor. From what i’ve read that will kill the battery quick. I read somewhere that its in “demo mode” although the post didnt explain exactly what that means. I was going to try to press the little black button to reset it but I couldn’t find a paperclip and forgot about it.

Hey RLDreams,

The rainbow of colors means it’s in Demo mode, the way to fix this is to open the contact, remove the battery, repair the link/pairing before you close the contact. If you pair/deal with the batter while the contact is closed, you stay in demo mode

Have fun

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I just did reset/re-inclusion when I replaced the battery. ( thought maybe the 33% was too low ). Now I just need to figure out where the liquid Nitrogen leak is


One of my 5 was flashing multi colors and killed the battery in 6 days. Here’s the response I got from Iris customer support on how to fix it. I ordered new batteries that should be here this afternoon, so I haven’t had a chance to try yet.


Thank you for contacting Iris by Lowe’s support regarding your Contact Sensor. Please delete the contact sensor from the account (top left hand menu>devices>find your sensor>more>remove device) and follow the link below for reset instructions.

First Gen- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yN7gigLdJuY

Next Gen- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeWmLGAix-g1

If you have any other questions please feel free to visit our support website at support.irisbylowes.com or call our customer support group at 855-469-4747. Thank you and have a wonderful rest of your day!

I already had new batteries on order and the got here this morning. That was my thinking that it was a warning that 30% battery was too low. Putting in new battery fixed the rainbow, but now it is -557* F in the kitchen . Still haven’t gotten a clue why one of the others started flashing red instead of green on motion though.

I just don’t want to have to pull the damn double sided tape off the wall to bring it closer to hub for inclusion. I really wish V2 hub had WiFi

Whoops I just realized you’re talking about motion sensors, sorry. My issues are with the contact sensors.

Me too…

I would even settle for it accepting a WiFi USB adapter now that you mentioned it. It would be worth the investment just for when it would be so much simpler ( necessary ) to bring the hub closer to a sensor for it to pair properly.
Personally I use MoCa to get LAN throughout the house. Yes it is limited to 300 MPS, but do we really need Gigabyte service in every room when I only have 60Mps service coming into the house ? I never trusted the powerline adapters

that is -54Kelvin (below absolute zero)

soooo it’s in an alternate universe

Well the steady red was in deed low battery ( I am assuming ). Even though that one was showing 67% battery level it was dead this am. Pulling battery to reset it just gave 1 red flash.then off ( then again the constant red could be what killed the battery LOL ) Put in a new battery and it is working again.

Do you have any old routers laying around that you can repurpose as a wireless bridge? I bought a new TP Link router a couple months ago to replace an older Linksys one. The main cable drop is our guest bedroom, so the cable modem and TP Link router sit there, and our office with a handful of wired devices is on the other side of the house. I loaded DD-WRT firmware on the Linksys and turned it into a wireless bridge and put it in the office, and now I can connect wired devices in the office without running cable over to the guest bedroom.

I actually have a few actual WAPs kicking around (in a box somewhere) from before I installed the Moca. I never even thought of using one of those to give ST hub WiFI and be able to move it around the house. I guess I know what I’m looking for tomorrow.