Lowes $10 off $50 and other Promo Codes Discussion

(Kevin) #233

That first one worked perfectly. Thank you for your help!


Well here you go lowescoupongenerator.com everyone can make their own.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #235

You can also get good codes here. I just used one.


(Ron Talley) #236

Used this three times in store! They scan my phone and has worked flawlessly!

Still miss the $15 off of $50. Those were the good old days.

(John) #237

Looks like the Lowes $10-off-$50 is expired (I can’t get any to work), but at least the 10% still works. :confused:

(Ron Talley) #238

Used a $20 off of $100 yesterday…


Nov master codes:
0993 $10 off $50
1144 $20 off $100
0619 10% off