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Lowes $10 off $50 and other Promo Codes Discussion

(Kevin) #233

That first one worked perfectly. Thank you for your help!


Well here you go everyone can make their own.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #235

You can also get good codes here. I just used one.

(Ron Talley) #236

Used this three times in store! They scan my phone and has worked flawlessly!

Still miss the $15 off of $50. Those were the good old days.

(John) #237

Looks like the Lowes $10-off-$50 is expired (I can’t get any to work), but at least the 10% still works. :confused:

(Ron Talley) #238

Used a $20 off of $100 yesterday…


Nov master codes:
0993 $10 off $50
1144 $20 off $100
0619 10% off


Any news ones? 0993 seems to have expired

(jkp) #241




Was my 1st try their $20 off $100 works but the $10 off is dead


FYI I had to try 3 codes for $20 off $100 before one was accepted.

Thanks, as always.

(jonesle7) #244

I get the following error with all promo codes: An invalid promotional code was entered: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Please check the data entered, re-enter the promotional code and click APPLY to update to your order.

I’ve received this error in chrome incognito and VPN. Any ideas on what is going on or how to fix?


don’t think the owner is maintaining the site. I haven’t been able to get a valid code other than the 10%
20 trys on the 20 off 100. Several on the 10 off 50. All show invalid. If these were good codes that were used it would say code has already been used,


Code generator has been updated but it’s the shopping season and codes are gobbled up quick. Been making my own codes forever it seems but can’t get a good 10 or 20 off to work.
Need 2 $10 offs or a $20.


Victory is mine!


Making a $650 purchase…anyone have any coupons to help? Or a means to make one that works?

Thanks for the help!


Pm’d you