Lowes $10 off $50 and other Promo Codes Discussion

Looking for a 40 off 200 code cant seem to figure out how to generate, please help.

Can someone please please pm me a $20 off a $100? Thanks

Has anyone ever attempted to print these on a barcode and use in store?

You can probably just order online and use in store pickup.

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Yes I know, I use them all the time to do store pickups, but this weekend I need to buy over 200$ in lumber, would be sweet to use the $40 off at checkout. Looks like I can order lumber online for pickup actually :joy: but if i was an employee I would give the jerk who orders lumber online the crappiest cuts of wood I could find

Hi ,

Can you please send me some Lowes coupons .10 Off 50 & 40 off 200.The
previous ones says redeemed to use.Thank you.

Lowes $10 off $50 and other Promo Codes Discussion?
Lowes Coupon Generator

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Thanks for Lowe’s coupons.Do you have any coupons for Home Depot ? If yes
can you send them.

HD doesn’t do discounts or coupons any longer.

Thanks for updating me.

New to the site are there any codes available for 100-300 purchases? Thanks in advance

There are $40 off $200 coupons last time I checked a week ago.

Hi SmartPeople,

Any way I can coupon codes for $400+ purchase?

$60 off $400


any $10 off $50 code ? thanks

See the links above for code generator Google doc

Why were the last 2 post flagged?

I’ll assume it has something to do with a brand new profile that joins and then immediately makes repeated posts of the same link

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So your generator is of better quality than the ones we have all been using ? Better for who ?