Lowes $10 off $50 and other Promo Codes Discussion


Just thought I would create this because people are always asking for the $15 off $50 codes among others. Please share your methods, PM codes to people, post links, etc. Just trying to clear up some threads that are dedicated to other things. Enjoy.

Here is a $15 of $50 code for the first person that reads this and makes a purchase:


$15 off $50+ at Lowes Coupon Code
Iris/Linear Garage Controller NOT working but LFM-20 Does
Lowes website

Thanks for sharing the coupon :slight_smile: I don’t need anything at the moment, but I will in the future.

(Realy Living Dream) #3

Be proactive & do things for yourself


That is the end goal, as I spent a long time coming up with a formula that works 100% of the time, but just to keep all the talk out of the other threads was the main goal

( Cosmo) #5

Aww. I’m at work. Hope nobody snags it before I’m on my way home tonight. If someone uses it, can you post “I used it” so I don’t stop

(Brian Steere) #6

Looks like it was used


Yeah someone jumped into the thread and used it. I posted it 3 hours ago, I’m sure it was used 2 hours and 57 minutes ago.


I keep getting “Promotion is not available at this time.” or code used. Is 6194 still right? I feel so dumb…

(Realy Living Dream) #9

No , follow the SD link I posted above see what code exp 2/7 is. They expire every Tuesday


Thank you!

(Dan) #11

Can someone send me a $15 off $50 please

(Realy Living Dream) #12

GE Switches up to 30% off at Lowes
GE Switches up to 30% off at Lowes

Could you PM me a coupon?


Can someone PM me a code?

Please and thank you!


Could someone PM me 3 - $15 off $50 codes?

Please and thank you!

(JB) #16

If anyone has any left, I could really use 2 coupon codes. Thanks!

(Justn ) #17

Looking for two 15 off 50 codes if anyone has any spares


(Kyle) #18

If any codes left please PM me a code … need to buy 12 of these guys … need to save some $$$$!!!

(Stephen) #19

Any other codes left?

(Realy Living Dream) #20