Lowe’s Coupons - not updated anymore -

Personally I wouldn’t go through the trouble of converting the code into a barcode and printing it out to bring to my closest Lowe’s. Unless I was prepared to pay the full price for items that, for whatever reason, are available in the store but don’t show up online.

There’s just no way of knowing whether the codes you generate will still be good by the time you checkout in the store.


Is there a way to edit the master code manually?

New ones are up now courtesy of slickdeals

January Master Codes

$20 off $100 - 0283 (exp 1/28)

New code for 40 off 200 is 9388
New code for 60 off 400 is 9394
New code for 20 off 100 is 9382
New code for 10 off 50 is 9218
New code for 10% off is 0110

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Just FYI the 12/27 codes were still working for me as of yesterday

Coupon generator updated with January master codes. Should work, not tested yet.
15$ off 75$ not available.


Thanks for making the update (and thanks for this great tool)!!! I utilized it today for a $20 off $100, and it worked with no issues.

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I must be doing something wrong… when I enter one of the long codes it doesn’t even give an option to apply it.
If I enter a 4 digit code (like 9382) it says it’s invalid.

Number is 15 digits long

Yup, you’re prob copy/pasting it in right? Hit spacebar or any key and then delete that character you just entered.

You should be able to click the submit button at that point.

Hitting space was the trick!! Thank you so much!

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Thanks, Tim… this has saved me a ton of money over the past month.

I’m now getting “Promotion is not available at this time.” on the all of the $20 off $100, $40 off $200 and $60 of $400 codes.

The coupon generator was updated this morning. Tested and valid until the end of February.


Works perfectly. Thanks!

Hey, I love this tool! It seems like all of the codes are currently working except for the 10% off. Have the codes changed?

Thanks for the heads up. Made the change, should work now.

Awesome!! Works now. Thank you.

All $40 and $60 off coupons say “not valid promotion at this time” - worked yesterday but not today.

Thanks for the update

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Actually the only one working is the 10% off.

Any idea when they may go active again?

The $10 off $50 worked for me today. Thank you so much everyone. I appreciate the hard work that goes into this.

Is there any Home Depot coupon generator?


No. 10 chars.