Low Profile E26 light bulb adapter for table lamp

I am looking for a low profile E26 light bulb adapter for table lamp with a manual off on switch on the device. The lamp employs a medium 6" harp for the shade so there is not a huge amount of clearance. I am trying not to have to rip the entire lamp apart changing the configuration of lamp, shade, or harp. I guess my last option would be a smart bulb that had a manual switch built into it but I would prefer an adapter base, any ideas or thoughts?

There are not many adapters and the one I found info about is probably too big for this application:

Alternatives you might consider:

  1. Power sockets usually have switches, which might work.
  2. Some smart bulbs, like the Sengled Element Touch have switches built into the bulb. These bulbs are a little bigger than normal bulbs, so you might still have issues fitting for your use case.

Yes thank you that was the only one I found too and it is too big.