Love the new folding code feature!

Continuing the discussion from Platform Update - Release Notes 07/22/2015:

Is there any documentation on the rgbSelector tile? I guess this is similar to the color selector we have now for the Hue Bulb?

I would love to be able to fold tiles. I’m working on a custom device type that has several sliders I use to make configuration settings to the device. I would love to have them collapse up like the folding code sections in the IDE. This would really clean up my device type.

Anyway good job guys I love how clean this makes my code! I can jump around much faster now!!

Folding is really nice. But for us vim users, can we get zc, zo, and za to close open and toggle folds? With the last couple of updates, I’ve found that the vim mode is actually really usable for me, so as new features like this get added it would be great if their vim key commands are put in along side them!

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Hi John,

To answer your first question, yes. I think your assumption is correct that it is similar to the color selector for the hue.

To answer your second question, we have gotten requests for such functionality and we are tracking development of a feature like that. So stay tuned!

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Thanks for the suggestions. As a vim user myself I can always appreciate not having to stray from the keyboard. I have logged this feature request with the IDE team.

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