Lost the summary status page?

Hmm… first look at the new Smarthings mobile app for IOS. First thing I noticed was that the summary status page (which basically showed all your devices and their current status – switches on/off, doors open/closed, water sensors wet/dry, who was home/ present, etc… ) is gone. From a quick look through the options in the new app, I don’t see a summary status page (!!!)

That was the one page I used every time – a quick glance at that and I could see the status of every device, and by touching it I would turn any switch or socket on or off. Now I have to find the room, or the category, go into it, find the device and change it.

Please bring that quick status page back. It was really useful…


Quite a few of us requesting this option back on various threads. Hopefully they will listen. I myself use that page most often as well.


I did as well, and used the groups. On the Rooms you can go to Things, if it was able to be ordered it might be helpful, and you would need a little bigger icon status of devices.

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This was the first thing I noticed as well.

I used this feature more often than anything else.

Between that, and many of my devices renaming themselves and the icons spontaneously changing to what they were 9 months ago (christmas tree logo for an outlet I had Christmas decorations plugged into last winter) I’m not thrilled about this update.

+1 on this. It would be nice if we could arrange icons and choose what we want here. I for one do NOT want 1/3 wasted space on the picture either. Space savings on the summary page is a KEY thing. The ability to have small icons as well.

BRING THIS BACK. What were you thinking Smart Things? This was either a management decision that forced the devs into this or devs who just don’t care. How about bringing in a Cognitive Scientist for your User Interface lead.
< /rant>

Im trying to figure out what UX team decided to make everything huge on mobile devices where space is at a premium, and decided MORE clicks to see information is what users want, not less.