Lost registered test devices and unable to re-add

My pool controller that I developed under the smartthings development portal (pre-edge) disappeared. I went to add it back again and I keep getting this:

Fail to call service API(ST)

Any suggestions?

Hi, @dcabot25!
What kind of integration did you use? (ST Schema, Direct-connected)

Where are you receiving this error, in the app or in the logs? Please, if you get errors in the log, share them with me. Also, if it’s a message in the app, a screen capture of the message is really helpful.

It’s a direct-connected device. I was seeing the error in the development portal when I was trying to register the test device again.

Well, that’s weird. I just checked the DEV portal and my test device is there. I used the phone app and added the device on and it’s working.

I guess someone fixed something in the backend. Everything’s good now.

Glad to hear that!
A tip when we use the Developer Workspace is that clearing the browser’s cache sometimes helps to force a refresh (on all sites as well) in case something got stuck there.