Lost- Devices not working properly

I started removing duplicate HOME locations. All my devices show online in IDE, but on my tablet I cant control any but 3.

So I installed app on my Android phone, and i do see my correct home, but with a few unknown devices. None of my device names show…


I ran into a similar situation after messing with duplicate home locations. Are the three you can still control Z-wave / Zigbee or are they cloud-connected?

they show as local. the are my Hue lights connected to a Hue controller

I think the Hue bridge is a cloud connection, so you’re in the same place I was.

The short version of my situation was that all the devices were still visible in the app and the IDE, but the table of device IDs had been deleted with the other location, so nothing worked. Here’s the procedure I did to recover; this is approximately what ST support walked me through, I’m not claiming any expertise here. I don’t know how any of this might affect direct associations, as I don’t have any of those set up.

If you have a lot of devices, you might want to print your device list so you can cross each one off as you complete it.

Note: this is a complicated procedure and you might screw something up - do it at your own risk. If you’re in this situation though you probably don’t have much to lose. I’m assuming that you’ve already tried basic troubleshooting and haven’t had any success.First, reboot your router, put it in pairing mode, toggle a few switches, see if anything comes back - just to confirm that your setup really is hosed.

  1. Reset each Zigbee device via its internal reset procedure, and put the hub in pairing mode. You may not get a join message since the device is already listed. Since each device has a hardcoded ID (like a MAC address), they’ll reassociate properly and any automations you have should still work.
  2. Edit each Z-Wave device and change the device ID - add an “X” or a “Temp” to the end of the ID. This makes sure those addresses are available when your devices re-pair.
  3. For each Z-wave device, start a general exclusion on the hub and perform the exclude action on the device (i.e. toggle the switch upward, for a GE Z-wave switch). Since they’re (sort of) associated with your hub, you’ll get a confirmation that the device was removed.
  4. Go to “Add a thing” and perform the include action on the device (may be the same as the exclude action). The app should show the new device being added. Add a note to the name so you know which device it is but no need to make it your final name since this is temporary.
    (Note: I found it sped things up a bit to carry two devices, performing exclusions from my phone and inclusions from my tablet, just to reduce the amount of clicking back and forth through menus)
  5. In the IDE, identify the new device and make a note of its ID on your printed device list.
  6. Delete the new device.
  7. Edit the old device and assign it the ID from the device you deleted.
  8. Test the device; you should now have control of the device with any associations and automations you had created will still work.
  9. After all devices are re-paired, repair your Z-wave network a time or three to get everything straightened out. It’s probably advisable to repair your Zigbee mesh at this point as well, but I"ll admit I haven’t done so yet.

Steps 3-8 can be done one device at a time, or in groups, as long as you know which device is which. The PC I was using to work in the IDE was on my main floor with switches upstairs and downstairs, so once I’d been through the procedure a couple of times and was confident in it, I’d do a bunch of devices on the same floor in one shot.

I ran through that process last Saturday night (after screwing things up on Wednesday) and it took a couple of hours to run through 40ish devices. I have a couple that are still not 100% right; I didn’t realize until last night that I lost my scenes as well and had to recreate those (only a couple, fortunately), but for the most part my automations are back online.

Good luck!

Or contact ST Support at https://support.smartthings.com and have them look at it :slight_smile:

I can re-add devices with no issue. just added my Samsung TV Q7 (65). works flawlessly…

Yup. This is what we concluded after they looked at it. The tech walked me through the first device and then left me to it.

They tried, but no help. i just deleted, excluded and re-added devices. only about 10