Lost connectivity to hub

About once a week my internet connection will drop for a few minutes and come back up. Haven’t figured out the cause, but it’s not usually something that causes a problem. When the connection comes back every device in the house reconnects without issue EXCEPT the smarthings hub. It goes offline and won’t connect until I restart it.

Any ideas what the problem might be here?

I bet the down time has to do with your external IP address changing. Maybe it is having an issue reconnecting because it is coming from a different source address to ST.

That totally sounds plausible. Any idea on how to fix. Even if the network went down once a month I’d have to reset the hub. Hopefully there’s something I can do on top tracking down the source of the brief outages.

If you have AT&T Uverse it’s a known problem and there are a couple of threads about it.

how predictable is it? same day each month, every 28 days or any certain time?

It is random. It’s less since AT&T sent me a new router. It happens at least once a week. Usually I wouldn’t notice because I wouldn’t be at home, but the ST hub goes offline and I know. @Stephen_Johnson know off hand where those threads may be? I’ve been searching, but perhaps haven’t hit the correct phrasing or keywords.

One is here… AT&T Uverse vs Smartthings

Thank you @Stephen_Johnson I will check it out!

For the tech savvy users;
Can you check to see if the mac address of your hub shows up in the router?

If the mac address is in the router, then record the IP address and check that value against what was the last thing reported to the cloud (displayed in graph/IDE)

Please let me know if you have found that they’re matching after recreating the issue.

To recreate the issue, simply unplug the power from the AT&T modem and then plug it back in, the Hub should go offline and stay that way until it is power cycled.

Please let me know the results and their details.

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