Lost all my devices after removing a light

A couple weeks ago I ran into an issue where my Hue hub want being detected. Today I figured that I should try figuring out what was wrong so I started removing the lights that were constantly showing “offline”. When I tried to remove the first light, almost all my devices got removed. Is there any easy way to recover from this?

I honestly don’t even know where to begin fixing this. I have a 2015 hub and don’t have the code for it anymore. When I click the + to add back there devices, a scan doesn’t find my switches, smoke alarms, nothing… :frowning:

Maybe I just removed my hub by accident.

try to reset the bulbs following your user manuals. Then they should be seen again once the hub is in discovery mode

Open the battery compartment and see if the code is printed inside. :slight_smile:

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This is something you can confirm by loging in the IDE and check if you still see your location. if so select it and go to the hub page and see the hub events. The last 7 days are kept so you would see what happened last.