Lost all devices

Don’t know if this is a device or app problem.
First, in case it matters, updated my W1 PC last night. Aeotec hub.
Woke up this AM and found I had lost all devices in my ST app, including hub. Unplugged/plugged hub. signed in/out of ST. In the app, no hx, no notifications, no diagnostics.
How do I get devices back?

Anything show in https://my.smartthings.com


Unsure what you mean on this part.

Should have been W10 (Windows 10)

If your devices do not show in the two places I linked above, you should contact ST support. If they do show up, then there is something going on with your windows PC… have you checked the firewall?

I want to a…
That’s the last words I see in your reply. No “places” to go to. Firewall is good.
FWIW, going to mysmartthings.com in my browser results in “404 web site not found”

It’s https://my.SmartThings.com

My bad. It now works. Only thing I did was restart my PC after getting an update notice. Don’t know why it worked. Don’t care. I can now access ST. I’m happy

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