Losing hope: charts and graphs

I find using the various APIs (Xively, Thingspeak, etc.) to be too difficult for me. Try as I might, I spend hours getting things to work, and I often have to give up. I’d love, for instance, to get graphs of things like temperature and humidity, but have had limited success. I tried IFTTT to collect data from temp and humidity and send to a google spreadsheet for graphing, but IFTTT only allows threshold events (like if the temp rises above x, then log it on a spreadsheet) for temp and humidity.

For me, some of the promise of IOT is gathering data you can use–energy use, for example–not just turning things on and off. And gathering data includes representing it visually for those of us who find combing through logs tedious.

This couldn’t be any easier. Took me less than 10 minutes, and it’s beyond easy to use:

I am working on https://thinglayer.net

Sign up, create a location and some zones, authorize and import devices, assign the devices to the zones. No coding, no configuring smart apps.

Batteries, contacts, temperatures, and humidities already have charting. I am working on power usage charts at the moment.


Hey, Jody, that’s good! I’m not seeing any graphs (though I see where they’re supposed to be), but I assume that takes time.

Correct. @chzdanish the graphs will populate as your devices report in.

@jodyalbritton is doing some awesome work with data collection and graphing, enjoying watching the progress.

Here is the last week of outdoor temps gathered from one of my Aeon Multi

I noticed that the graphs are not working for me with Safari but do work with Chrome.

This is completely cool!

I’m not seeing any charts yet on safari or chrome on iPad ios8.

Do the charts work on the desktop? I have not tested it on any IOS devices.

It appears that Safari handles date strings differently. I have made some changes to the way dates are handled for IOS devices. I have no way of testing, but you can reply here if it works or does not.

Thanks it seems to be working on Safari (desktop did not try iPad or iPhone yet) now.

I also added a time zone selector on the edit account page. If you have a time zone selected the times on the chart will match your local time, if not they will continue to be displayed in UTC. @mattjfrank tested it on an iPad and confirmed that it works.

I tested on my iPhone and the charts work there as well including time zones.

Here’s another option: