Lorex camares

do lorex wireless cameras work with ST?


No, not at this time. There is rumors that they will open up their API to any video camera that supports Real Time Steaming Protocol (RTSP) and Lorex cams support that, so there is hope one day community developed camera device types would come into play.

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thank you . i was looking at LNC24 (great price and camera)

My advice is to get the best camera system that fits your needs and not be concerned with ST integration. From what I understand, it’s pretty limited at this point and doesn’t work great, but you can search around and read for yourself. I got 8 Lorex 1080p (granted 15fps) with a 2 TB Hard drive at costco for $499. Costco will let you return these ANYTIME you want if they break, etc.

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great - i will look into that . thanks

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