Lorex 2k Video Doorbell/Lorex Home Integration?

Has anyone purchased and successfully integrated Lorex’s newer 2k video doorbell? I bought this because it is one of the only out-of-the-box options with great resolution, quality, and storage is local so no monthly fees and privacy is kept. Unfortunately, the Lorex Home app isn’t compatible w/ ST out of the box, nor the doorbell itself.

Hey there! @TheSkeptic, Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

After reviewing the doorbell model seems to be a WiFi device that does not have direct integration with Smart Things, nor uses the Zigbee or Z-wave protocols. It’s always good practice to check the model code of device options for compatibility as a Certified Works with Smart Things Products/Partners.

Here you can locate the Doorbell partners that have integrations Certified with Smart Things: Samsung Smart Home Compatible Devices. Select ‘Supported Devices’ and Search or Click Door Bell.

You will see these available options currently:

I hope this message finds you well!