Loooonng Hallway

This was fun and made a huge difference! This is only one half of the hallway. (the place used to be a hotel back in the 1880s-1930s)

Using some zigbee motion sensors, buttons, and zwave smart plugs to make them automatic with manual override.


:hushed: imagine if there a super long hallway then that one

mirror at the end is pretty funny - The hall goes on forever.

Does that floor creak? I think I hear it from here.

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Surprisingly few creaks actually. There are a few stair steps though!

And that mirror is only halfway down - the hall makes a jog and keeps on going!

Here’s a photo of the whole place - we bought it last year. Perfect excuse to start digging into smart home stuff. There is no way I am going all the way up to one corner of the attic floor to turn off a light!!


that is a cool farmstead. I can see the jog even outside